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privacy statement

Privacy Statement

1. Data Collection and Processing
When accessing any part of Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures' website, there are a number of items collected and processed for statistical and internal system purposes. This information includes your public IP address, the specific site accessed, the date and time at which the specific site was accessed, as well as your browser type and version.
Additional personal data, such as your date of birth and email address, will only be collected once you choose to register to play Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures. Providing this information is voluntary, but a requirement to register for and play Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures. If you choose to delete your account at Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures, your personal information will be deleted no later than 14 days after the deletion of your account.

2. Usage and Sharing of Private Information
Any private data, such as your date of birth or email address, that Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures collects will only be used within the service of Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures, and will not be passed on to third parties.

3. Usage of Facebook™ Plugins
Within the sites of Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures, we use plugins of the social networking site Facebook™ (1601 South Carolina Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). The plugins are clearly visible via the Facebook™ logo or the "Like"-Button integrated within a site. You can find an overview of, as well as more information about, all Facebook™-Plugins here: If you visit our site, a Facebook™ plugin will establish a connection from your browser to Facebook™s servers, and begin sending data (such as that you visited our site with your specific IP address). Additionally, if you press the "Like"-Button on any of our sites whilst you are logged into your Facebook™ account, you will be able to share that pages content on your Facebook™ profile. Facebook™ will receive information that you have visited and shared content from Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures, and may request and receive additional information due to this. Please note that we, as content providers, cannot provide information on what data Facebook™ receives and/or uses through their social media plugins. If you wish to opt out of this social media integration, please ensure that you are logged out of your Facebook™ account before logging into Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures.

4. Usage of Analytics Software Piwik
This website uses Piwik, a leading open-source analytics software that tracks user visits to all parts of this website. Piwik uses "Cookies", small text files that are saved on your local computer, to allow it to analyze your website usage. The statistical data collected this way is stored on the provider's server, which is located in Germany. The IP address with which you connected to Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures is anonymized directly after processing and before being stored on the provider's server. You may choose to disallow the usage of "Cookies" in your browser's settings, however please note that not all functions of this website will be available to you after you have disabled "Cookies".
You can find out more about Piwik on their official website:

5. Usage of "Google reCAPTCHA"
To protect private user information (such as your login data), this website uses reCAPTCHA, a captcha service provided by Google™ (Alphabet Inc). Google™ requires certain data, such as your IP address, to be able to provide this service. For reCAPTCHA, the Privacy Policy of Google™ (Alphabet Inc) applies, which can be found here:

6. Information, Changes and Cancellation of Private Data
The user may, at any time, request information on specific private data being stored on the servers of Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures. Additionally, the user may request to either change or delete certain private data at any time.

The German version of this document will be the correct one in case of any differences between the translations. is a project of Star Wars fans.