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The galaxy is in turmoil!

The fleets of the galactic republic and the confederacy of independent systems face off.

The galactic republic wants to restore order and security, while the separatists fight against the order of the republic.

Now decide whether you want to be loyal to the galactic republic or fight for the freedom of all.


Your strategy matters!

Hidden Empire - Galaxy Adventures is a strategy-based browser game in which you take the role of a republic commander or separatist warlord. Play against or together with hundreds of other players in a galaxy.

You build your economic and military infrastructure on multiple planets and control your own military forces. You capture resources through battles and thus secure your sphere of influence in the galaxy. A detailed mission system rewards you for your efforts and in-game achievements.

Take advantage of the extensive in-game trading system and peek into the cantina, which will take you to the black market and betting shop.

Play anytime, anywhere!

You can play Hidden Empire - Galaxy Adventures in your browser at home on the PC or on the go with tablets and smartphones.

On Android you can use our official app from the Google Play Store, which gives you an even better gaming experience provides. You can play comfortably via the browser version on iOS and other mobile devices.

The entire game is free of advertising and premium accounts. We finance this project through voluntary donations and are constantly developing it further with the community. You are cordially invited to take part.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up here and may the force be with you!