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Welcome to Hidden Empire - Galaxy Adventures

!Attention: The game is currently only available in German!
This Site is under translation!

Star Wars Hidden Empire - Galaxy Adventures is a strategy-based online game.
There will be no additional costs.
Within the game there are no Advertising or premium accounts.
For playing you will only need an Internet browser.

The fleets of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire are facing each other.

The Empire is spreading steadily across the galaxy to restore order and security, while the rebels are looking for men and women who are willing to fight against the new order of the Empire.
Decide now whether you will be loyal to the Emperor or fighting for the freedom.

Register now for free and may the force be with you!
After reading the game rules you can register immediately.
  • Galactic Civil War
    The Rebel Alliance
    Against the oppression of the empire itself 163 players have opted for the rebellion.
  • Galactic Civil War
    Galactic Empire
    For security and stability in the galaxy 248 players are loyal to the emperor.

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Privacy Statement 1. Data Collection and Processing When accessing any part of Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire – Galaxy Adventures’ website, there are a number of items collected and processed for statistical and internal system purposes. This information includes your public IP address, the specific site accessed, the date and time at which the specific site was …

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Legal Notice Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire – Galaxy Adventures is a non-commercial fan project. All materials used from Star Wars™ that appear on this website in the form of pictures, names, and/or other media, are trademarked by Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars™ is an official trademark and represented online via their official homepage, It is believed …

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Donate Donations received this project alive. Star Wars Hidden Empire Galaxy Adventures is a pure fan project, which is since 2007 constantly evolving and supervised. However it arise monthly costs for the operation of the server. Support this project therefore with a voluntary donation. The amount that you donate will be used exclusively to finance …

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