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How to...?

This page enables a short introduction into Hidden Empire Galaxy Adventures. Especially new player shall take the time to have a look on particular videos listed below. User with more experience, at least if they think so, are highly invited to join our community and create own videos for this page. Please contact us via forum or “Support” ingame.
More infos can be found in our official wiki.

The first login (3:44min)

This video shows how to do after registration. It gives a brief overview about the user interface including some hints to create a valid infrastructure as the first step within the game. (currently only available in german)

Star Wars Hidden Empire V4.03 First inside view (27:28min)

Our community member Master Silver shows the basic game mechanics and further functionalities and contextualize them with additional background information and game mechanics. This video is recommended to gain a holistic overview about our game. (currently only available in german)

Star Wars Hidden Empire V4.03 quests and sabacc (24:45min)

Master Silver introduces the (new) Quests within the game und gives some hints how to achieve in which order particular quests. Besides this, he uses the small game Sabacc to relax. Meanwhile, he introduces you into the basic game rules of Sabacc and explain how profit or loss affects the gameplay. (currently only available in german)

colonization and more (30:37)

This video describes, how to extend your personal area of influence within the “HEGA-Universe” through conquest and colonization of new planets. The user thechris demonstrates the functionality behind and touch also relevant aspects such as the technology-tree as well as how to coordinate fleet activities and more. (currently only available in german)