Donations keep this project alive

Hidden Empire Galaxy Adventures is a pure fan project, which has been constantly developed and maintained since 2007. For the operation of the servers, however, monthly costs arise. Therefore, support this project with a voluntary donation.

The amount you donate will be used exclusively for the financing of the servers. No players will be favored or receive game advantages. The current status of donations can be viewed by each player via the donation barometer within the game.


How can I donate to Hidden Empire?

Every player who has an active account in one of the active galaxies can donate to this project. You can find all the information you need in the Donate menu item within the game.

We would also appreciate daily votes. On the start and links page you can find many voting portals where HiddenEmpire is registered. Voting usually takes only one or two clicks and does not require registration. Also, you can tell friends to join.

We are open to other forms of support. Contact us for this, either in-game, on the forum, or by email.