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Donations received this project alive.

Star Wars Hidden Empire Galaxy Adventures is a pure fan project, which is since 2007 constantly evolving and supervised. However it arise monthly costs for the operation of the server. Support this project therefore with a voluntary donation.

The amount that you donate will be used exclusively to finance the server. No players are thus preferred, or see game advantages. The current state of donations each player can see through the donations barometer within the game.

How can I donate to Hidden Empire?
Any player who has an active account in one of the active galaxies can donate for this project. All necessary information you can find in the menu item donations within the game.

Also on daily Vote we would be delighted. At the start and link page to see many voting portals where Hidden Empire is registered. The voting is usually performed with just one or two clicks and requires no registration.

For other forms of assistance we are happy. Contact us, either in the game, in the forum or via email.