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Legal Notice

Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures is a non-commercial fan project. All materials used from Star Wars™ that appear on this website in the form of pictures, names, and/or other media, are trademarked by Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars™ is an official trademark and represented online via their official homepage,
It is believed by the Operators, that appropriated figures may be exhibited on Hidden Empire Galaxy Adventures under the fair use provision of United States copyright law.
Star Wars, the Star Wars logo, all names and pictures of Star Wars characters, vehicles and any other Star Wars related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Lucasfilm Ltd., or their respective trademark and copyright holders. This website is a non-commercial fanproject.

The HiddenEmpire - Team

admins und supporter:

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& webmaster
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portal page:

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graphic artists:

Ceras Mawn
graphic artist
graphic artist
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contact: webmaster (no support) contact: support & help contact: portal page
  • Marcus Pekar
  • Storkower Str. 2 A
  • 15713 Wernsdorf
  • Deutschland
  • E-Mail: webmaster_at
  • E-Mail: support_at
  • Support only for external matters. For internal game problems and questions please use the ticket system within the game or the forum.
  • E-Mail: portal_at
  • For link requests, error messages around the portal page

Please note: The Email support is not staffed daily.

"Thanks to all that have contributed to the development of this project!"

Liability for Content:

The contents of Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures were created with great care. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and availability of the content. As providers of the content included in Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures, we are responsible, as noted in § 7 Abs.1 Telemediengesetz (German Telemedia Act), for content shown on any of Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures' sites. § 8, § 9 and § 10 Telemediengesetz state that we are not required to track any information being passed on to third parties (such as Facebook™ or Google™). We are also not required to investigate any unlawful activity that may have been, or may be, conducted by third parties. Obligations surrounding the possible removal or suspension of information are not affected by this clause. As content providers, we cannot be held liable for any unlawful third party content, unless said third party content is explicitly identified as unlawful with enough evidence. In such an instance, said third party content will be subject to immediate removal.

Liability for third party website content:

We, as content providers, cannot be held liable for any content which a third party website may display, unless we possess direct knowledge of the content of said third party website, and it is technically possible for us, as content providers, to prevent any unlawful content to appear on said third party websites. At the time of writing, there were no unlawful contents present on any current third party websites linked to on Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures. However, we do not have any influence on the current content of any third party website currently linked to on Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures. As such, we clearly distance ourselves from any content shown on third party websites. Any illegal, wrong or otherwise harmful content displayed on any third party website is the liability of the third party website's creator(s), and not that of the content providers of Star Wars™ HiddenEmpire - Galaxy Adventures.

Copyright Notice:

All content (such as graphics, videos, designs or other content) are protected by the national law of their respective countries. As the content of this website is spread across many different parts, we, as content providers, are unable to mark every name and/or trademark, which is otherwise clearly known and/or marked as such, in an appropriate way (such as with ™ or ©). However, one may not assume that, simply because any trademark or copyright notice is missing from a certain item, any of these items is not copyrighted and/or trademarked. As content providers, we cannot be held liable for any missing trademark and/or copyright label found on our website. If you are a content creator and/or provider and notice one of your trademarks and/or copyrights is missing a label, and think it should be included as such, we encourage you to email us, the content providers, with a specific request.

Privacy Notice:

Please take note of our Privacy Notice when using our website(s). Any contact information intended for business inquiries, may not be passed on to, or used by, third parties for the intent purpose of sending out unwanted advertisement(s). Legal action will be taken against those who send out unwanted advertisement(s) to any email intended for business inquiries. is a non-commercial fan project. As such, it is not a business and not listed in any business registers. Any possible advertisements or income through donations are solely used to cover the costs of running Any source code found on, unless otherwise marked, is ©

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